How to JoGo

The Easiest Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Brew

Step 1

For each 5 oz cup, add 1 tbsp of medium to coarse ground coffee or loose leaf tea to your mug. (Adjust the amount of grounds/leaves to preference). 

Step 2

Pour hot (not boiling) water into your mug and stir with your JoGo.

Step 3

Let the coffee brew and cool for at least 4 minutes. If your preferred temperature is not reached by this time, add a splash of cool water.

Step 4

Enjoy your brew directly, or add your favorite cream/sweetener! As you sip, you can also close the tip with your teeth to control the flow.

To Clean

Simply remove the silicone tip & unscrew the filter, rinse with soap and water, and scrub with your JoGo brush. JoGo is also dishwasher-safe! We recommend cleaning after each use.

Cold Brew Instructions

Just add 2-3 tbsp. of ground coffee into 12 oz of room temperature water, place in the refrigerator overnight, and enjoy! No stirring needed.

WARNING: Hot fluids must be handled with care. Choking hazard, small parts. Sharp edges must be handled with care. Keep away from children. Follow all instructions for safe use.