The Coffee & Tea Brewing Straw for easy single-serve infusion brewing on the go. The Coffee & Tea Brewing Straw for easy single-serve infusion brewing on the go.

The Coffee & Tea Brewing Straw

Instantly Brew a Delicious Cup of Coffee, Tea, or Yerba Mate with JoGo. Highly Portable, Flavorful, Multipurpose, Teeth-friendly, and Zero Waste


Thousands of 5 Star Reviews

Say Hello to Your Little Friend

Meet JoGo – a patented stainless steel straw with a mesh filter at its base that lets you brew coffee and tea anywhere, & anytime

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Meet JoGo™

Easy to Clean - Removable filter and dishwasher-safe design offer effortless cleaning. Just unscrew the filter from the end of the straw and gently brush away the remains after use for an effortless cleaning experience.

Brewing made simple

Simply drop a scoop of your favorite ground coffee or tea into your mug, add hot water, stir with your JoGo, and enjoy!

French press-style coffee with the ease of instant

"It makes the freshest tasting coffee I’ve ever had. No more coffee maker or slow pour overs" – Roxanne K.

Keep your sparkle

Drinking coffee or tea through a straw helps bypass your teeth and reduce those pesky coffee stains

Dishwasher Safe

JoGo’s dishwasher safe design and removable filter allows for almost effortless cleaning

Our Fight Against Disposable Culture

JoGo is designed to fight against disposable culture by eliminating the need for paper filters, coffee pods, to go coffee cups, and plastic straws. Our method allows you to brew and drink coffee in the same cup, simplifying the process and avoiding unnecessary waste.

The Easiest Way to Enjoy COLD BREW

Just add ground coffee into a cup of room temperature water, place in the refrigerator overnight, and enjoy! No stirring needed

JoGo vs. the Competition

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Wilderness coffee maker for canoeing, backpacking, sailing, traveling, and everywhere else.

Believe in your brew

We contribute 5% of our profits towards combating climate change and supporting Indigenous Communities in their fight for their livelihoods.

Customer reviews
"It reminds me of how I do coffee tastings in the mountains of Guatemala and other origin-countries, or in education and cupping labs – where all we use is just ground coffee and hot water.”
— –Chief Executive Officer of Water Avenue Coffee and Vice President of Bellissimo Coffee Advisors, Matt Milletto
— LADbible
“The JoGo is perfect for me, it’s so good and allows me to use it wherever I am, camping and at the office.”
— – Will Shafroth, Conservation Leader and Outdoor Explorer
"It can be used when you're camping or on a road trip, or anytime you need coffee on the go!"
— – Mashable
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— Author's name

Born on the Road, Designed for Everywhere

JoGo was inspired during our co-founder Joey's two-year (solo) motorcycle trip from Minnesota to the bottom tip of South America.

While in Patagonia, a family gave him a “bombilla” - a straw with holes on the bottom designed for filtering Yerba Mate and made popular by the Gauchos (the legendary Argentinean cowboys).

It was just after this journey, while working as a wilderness guide in 2018 with his friend Nick Yehle, that they had their aha-moment. Could they redesign this sustainable and convenient brewing method of the bombilla, and apply it to the wasteful world of coffee?