Step 1 

For each 5 oz. cup, add 1 rounded tbsp of medium to coarse ground coffee to your mug. (Adjust the amount of grounds to preference)

Step 2 

Pour hot (not boiling) water into your mug and stir with your JoGo.

Step 3

Let coffee brew and cool for at least 4 minutes, until preferred strength and temperature is reached.

Step 4

Add milk and/or sweetener if you’d like, take a small test sip, and enjoy! As you sip, you can also close the tip with your teeth to control the flow.

To Clean

Simply unscrew the filter, rinse with soap and water, and scrub with your JoGo Brush. JoGo is also dishwasher safe!

Cold Brew Instructions:

1. Add 2-3 tbsp of coarsely ground coffee into a cup with 12 oz of room temperature water.

2. Let sit in a refrigerator for 24 hours.

3. Pop in your JoGo and enjoy! No stirring needed. 

*More fun recipes coming soon!

WARNING: Hot fluids must be handled with care. Choking hazard, small parts. Sharp edges must be handled with care. Keep away from children. Follow all instructions for safe use.