What is your return policy?

  • If you are unhappy with your order we are happy to provide you with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Is it easy to burn your mouth drinking hot coffee through a straw?

  • Drinking coffee through a straw is actually no different than sipping it out of a mug! As with any hot beverage, let it cool to your comfort level, and then take a small test sip. JoGo’s pinched tip will restrict too much liquid from passing through at one time, while its insulated silicone layer will make sure your lips stay cool. 

Does the filter need to be replaced?

  • To follow our mission of sustainability, our stainless steel mesh filter cartridge is designed to last and be reused on all of your most rugged outdoor adventures. 

Can I use milk and sugar?

  • Absolutely! JoGo will work with milk, sugar, or any flavoring you would like to add to your cup of joe. 

Can I use the straw for tea, or other beverages?

  • JoGo works great with loose leaf tea! It can also be used in an array of different beverages, such as to filter out mint leaves in cocktails or pulp from orange juice. You can even remove the filter and use it as a regular straw! 

    How hot does the water need to be?

    • Average brewing temperature for coffee is 195°F. Our trick is to look for when bubbles start rising to the surface just before coming to a full boil.

      What kind of coffee grounds do I need to use?

      • JoGo will work with fine or coarse coffee grounds, however we recommend using a coarser French press grind. 

      How is this different from a Bombilla Mate Straw?

      • A Bombilla is a straw used to drink Mate, a loose leaf tea, in regions of South America. While a Bombilla works excellently for loose leaf tea, the filter holes are too large to stop finer coffee grounds from passing through. Therefore, we redesigned the Bombilla with an innovative mesh filter cartridge to create a more sustainable way to brew and enjoy a robust cup of coffee.