Can I use cream and/or sugar?

  • Absolutely! Use any additional flavoring products for your coffee that you would normally use and the JoGo will function perfectly.

Does the filter get clogged?

  • JoGo is designed with a fine micron-metal mesh that keeps out the particulates while preventing clogging.

Can I use the straw for tea or other beverages?

  • Loose leaf tea works great with the JoGo! It can be used to enjoy cocktails with mint leaves and muddled. or you can even remove the filter and use it as a regular straw!

Is it hard to clean?

  • JoGo’s removable filter and dishwasher-safe design allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Is it easy to burn your mouth drinking hot coffee through a straw?

  • Drinking hot liquid through a straw is actually no different than sipping it out of a mug. As with any hot beverage, let it cool to your comfort level, and then take a small test sip. JoGo’s pinch-able tip allows for maximum control over the flow of liquid, while its insulated and food-grade silicone keeps your lips cool. As an added bonus, drinking coffee and tea through a straw can help reduce unwanted teeth stains.

Does the filter need to be replaced?

  • Similar to a French press filter, we suggest replacing JoGos filter 1-2 times a year.

What size of grind type do I need to use?

  • JoGo will work with medium to coarse grinds of coffee, however we recommend using a coarser, French press, grind.

Does the coffee get over extracted?

  • The flavor profile resembles that of a robust French press style coffee, but without all the bulk or the hassle needed to clean it. The extraction process is similar to that of cowboy coffee, where you can use different variables to control the rate, such as brewing at a slightly cooler temperature or using a coarser ground. However, unlike cowboy coffee, you won't  need to bring an extra pot to make it or get any grounds in your mouth!

Is this similar to the bombilla straw used for Yerba Mate?

  • A Bombilla is a straw used to drink the loose leaf tea"yerba mate" in regions of South America and is the inspiration for the JoGo. However while a bombilla works great with yerba mate, the filter is unable to stop the finer coffee grounds from passing through and will even get clogged. With this in mind, we redesigned the traditional bombilla and invented the JoGo in order to apply this sustainable brewing method to the, often wasteful, world of coffee!

What is your return policy?

  • If you are unhappy with your order we are happy to accept returns for up to 30-days of your delivery date for undamaged and unused goods. To make a return or an exchange, please send an email to hello@jogostraw.com with your name and order number. Your return shipping will not be paid for.